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eddeDigital content, with no DRM, delivered directly to your members.

Let Edde help you build awareness of your digital collection, increase circulation, and connect to your community.

Edde allows your members to download any digital content to any device; mobile, tablet or desktop to their preferred application. Edde enables members have access to your books, documents, video, pictures and audio, across all their devices.

Members can browse your collection from home or on the go, any time, anywhere, your digital doors are open all day, every day. Discovering titles is easy with search lists and a categorised menu system. Members can see their borrowing history.

Members access Edde through your own custom portal. Login via email and your organisations membershp ID is very simple. Supplying Evolving Distribution with the Gender, Date of Birth and Postcode of each member, enables us to supply usage data via our Analytics package.

Adding to your collection is streamlined through Evolving Distributions publisher agent services. Edde can even be uploaded with your own organisations digital catalogue.

Evolving Distribution negotiates a multi-lending licence on titles it represents, allowing you to loan out unlimited copies at any time. The multi-lending license allows you to have copies of your catalogue titles on in-house devices, for use by your staff to promote your catalogue and for community access. Have you ever want to lend out a device all ready loaded with books? Now you can.

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  • Companies +

    Companies can purchase items from evolving distributions catalogue. Only registered customers of the company may download items.

    Companies may add their own items to Eddie's repository for a small set up fee. When a customer downloads an item a small access fee is charged. Companies may choose to disable access to specific items, effectively making Eddy a off-site data repository.

  • Institutions +

    Public institutions can purchase items from evolving distributions catalogue. Only registered members of the institution may download items.

    Public institutions can also add their own digital items to Eddys' repository at no cost. When a member downloads an item, a small download fee is charged. If the item is not accessed there is no cost.

  • Suppliers +

    Eddy can store any digital item. An e-book, document, video or music file can be loaded into the Eddy catalogue and will be available for sale to institutions and companies for access by their users. Evolving distribution manages the licensing of items through our standard licensing contract.

  • Agents +

    Agents for creators of digital content are welcome to add some or all of their catalogue to Eddy for purchase by institutions and companies. Evolving distribution has created an innovative license common to both the purchaser and the Seller.

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end users devices drm support

  • End Users +

    End-users of Eddy are assigned to a portal. Companies and institutions are responsible for maintaining an up to date list of users who may access their portal.

  • Devices +

    Any device with Internet access can be downloaded to. The ability of the device to use that content is dependent upon the capabilities and/or software of that device. Evolving distribution urges suppliers and agents of digital content to make their items available in as many digital formats as possible so as not to disappoint end-users. The best approach is to use device agnostic, open source file formats and avoid proprietary formats.

  • DRM +

    Evolving distribution believes DRM, in its current form, does more damage than good. Eddy does not support Digital Rights (Restrictions?) Management. Our licensing states clearly that all items on Eddy are DRM free.

  • Support +

    Agents, suppliers, institutions and companies have access to evolving distributions support systems. Evolving distribution has extensive administrative and end-user troubleshooting documentation. Evolving distribution does not support end users. You are responsible for supporting your end users. End user help is available to any Eddy user.

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  • edde +

    Eddy is a web based digital content delivery system. Each company or institution has its own portal. Each company or institution has its own users. Each company or institution has its own content. Content and users are assigned to a portal. A company or institution simply supplies an email address and membership ID for each user. Eddy uses can only access the digital content for the portal to which they are registered.
  • Portals +

    Portals are the heart of Eddy. Your users access your content via your portal. Users can be added and removed rapidly. Content can be added and removed rapidly. Portals are customised to properly represent your company or institution.
  • Catalogue +

    Evolving distribution negotiates with suppliers and agents to enable their content to be sold to companies and institutions. Our catalogue is expanding rapidly and is available to all evolving distribution customers.
  • International +

    Eddy can host any digital file. Therefore Eddy can cater for content in any language. At present however, the Eddy interface is in English. The next version of Eddy will be multilingual.
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